Life Drawing: 19/02/18


Toolkit 2 | Green Hornet Title Sequence

Green Hornet Title Sequence from Joe Warrilow on Vimeo. This is my custom Green Hornet title sequence. The entire piece was made using only Adobe After Effects.

Premise: Interim Crit

Premise Interim Crit by Joe Warrilow on Scribd
This is the Interim Crit presentation for my Premise Project. Regarding the style that the audio for Creature Comforts was recorded, it is extremely difficult to have any sort of script. I need to find a target number of people to interview, and whittle the recordings down to the few more "interesting" ones. I may possibly have to write a script for certain "interviews" if few of the recordings are good enough to make the cut. I will start trying to script some now anyway, as a backup, should it be necessary.

This project will be a challenge for me, but one I am excited to tackle head-on.

Cone of Cogency

This exercise was to help us narrow our dissertations down into the one specific point, making it easier for the reader to understand and follow.

CG Workshop: Preview of Title Sequence

This is a preview of the Title Sequence I am creating for the film The Green Hornet. I will probably reduce the amount of transitions/cuts in the beginning portion, and might tone down the lighter green colour slightly, but for now am working on getting the sequence up to the full 35 seconds.

Green Hornet Preview from Joe Warrilow on Vimeo.

Perspectives Presentation

This is my presentation containing the basic outline of my Dissertation.
Dissertation Proposal Presentation by Joe Warrilow on Scribd