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Suspiria: A Review

Suspiria (Argento, 1977) is a film about an American Ballet dancer who travels to Germany to study at a prestigious dance academy. But soon, she discovers the school is really a front for a series of dark murders by a coven of evil witches.

One things this film does well is convey an underlying sense of dread throughout. There is always a very strong use of the colour red in this film, from the outside of the building, to the main hallway and rooms within the building (see Fig 2). The colour Red is quite often used in cinema to depict desire, and also danger/suspense, and this film in a way depicts both of those with its striking set pieces - in the first instance, the girls have a passion to be the best dancer/performer in the school, and the underlying danger of the possibility of any one of the students being killed at any time.

We can see in Fig 3 that the main character, Suzy, is in the office of the dance academy. The red hue that has been applied to the scene helps emphasise t…

What If? Metropolis - Reflective Statement

I'll start this off by saying my time management and organisation skills were not the best during this project. There were many times where I was rushing the work I was doing because I had not done it when I was meant to, or because I kept chopping and changing from one piece of work to another.

I struggled with the project towards the start. It was, in my opinion, a lot more intense than the previous one (Invisible Cities). But I feel that I improved significantly from that in this project, and that I improved over the time of the project as a whole, from the 1st OGR to Crit day. My understanding of Photoshop and Maya has grown considerably, and the feedback from the tutors and my peers was greatly valued and taken into consideration.

I appreciate all the help, feedback and advice that I received from everyone over this project, and look forward to working on the next one!

What If? Metropolis - Art Of

What If? Metropolis - Crit Presentation

What If? Metropolis - Final Image

3D Render merged with Matte Painting

What If? Metropolis - Final Concept Art (For Real this time)


@Phil - Final Concept Art

The Breakdown would be the same as on the previous versions of the painting, with the sky and buildings behind the rear monorail being the matte painting, and the rest being 3D Modelled.

@Phil - Revised Final Painting - Take 2 inc.buildup

The matte painting would be the sky, and the taller buildings behind the rear monorail. Everything else would be 3D Modeled.

@Phil - What If? Metropolis - Revised Final Painting

This is my revised final painting, and what I will be turning into a 3D Model

The Shining: A Review

The Shining (Stanley Kubrick, Warner Bros., 1980) is a psychological horror film, based on Stephen King's 1977 novel of the same name. It follows the story of the Torrance family, played by Jack Nicholson (The Father, Jack Torrance), Shelley Duvall (The Mother, Wendy Torrance), and Danny Lloyd (The Son, Danny Torrance). They head to the isolated and remote Overlook Hotel for the winter, where a spiritual and evil presence turns Jack to violence, while Dylan sees disturbing images from the past and the future.

The film does a very good job of constantly making the viewer feel uneasy, keeping them in suspense for when Danny's next vision will happen, or when Jack will snap angrily and harshly. One scene of note in this theme is when Wendy discovers Jack's typing. The camera cuts from in front of her, to behind her, looking at her from a distance. We then see Jack creep into shot, so that his entrance is not a surprise, and so that it doesn't detract from the impact of h…