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Storytelling & Commission: Script

Matchbox Man Script by Joe Warrilow on Scribd
Here is the script I wrote for our current project. I feel that it properly lays out the direction of each shot, and means that if different people were making storyboards for this, they would come out with very similar results. Any and all feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

Storytelling & Commission: Animated Like-for-Like Storyboard

I took the panels I made for my "Like for Like" Storyboard and put them into Premiere, syncing them up with the original audio

Soundscapes: Space

Here is an exercise we did in class where we had to create a space themed soundscape, and sync it up to a piece of video.

Space Soundscape from Joe Warrilow on Vimeo.

Maya 101: Shading Networks


Storytelling & Commission: Like-For-Like Storyboard

Here is my "Like for Like" Storyboard, depicting roughly 28 seconds of a scene from the movie "Watchmen".

Storytelling & Commission: Revised Logline

Here is my revised Logline, which is more fitting to my current story:

Famous figures keep disappearing right from the public eye. A dark, mysterious hired assassin is the one responsible, and he’s just taken another target. Will they find out who the man is? And will they ever be able to escape in time?

Storytelling & Commission: O.G.R Presentation

Storytelling & Commission: Step Outline

This is the "Step Outline" for my story:
We see a celebrity standing in a room surrounded by people. They are taking photos of the celebrity. Suddenly, an arm appears around the celebrity and pulls them backwards – cut to black. Cut to another celebrity taking selfies with members of the public. Suddenly, the shelf of a sack barrel appears underneath their feet and they tilt backwards – cut to black. This happens to another celebrity, only this time we see the person doing it is shrouded in darkness, yet the light glints off a pair of glasses they are wearing – cut to black. Fade up on the last celebrity’s face, too terrified to move. They are attached to the sack barrel, with an I.D. Card hanging around their neck, and are being dragged down a corridor. The camera tilts up to see that the mysterious man is the one pulling him along. He stops, propping the celeb against a wall whilst fumbling with some keys. We can see one or two people walk past in the distance. The man open…

Storytelling & Commission: Logline

Building upon feedback I received from Phil, here is the Logline for my story:
"A group of celebrities are trapped in a room. A dark, mysterious figure keeps visiting them and taking one of the celebrities with him, for them never to return. Will they find out who the man is? And will they ever be able to escape?"

I feel that this incorporates a sense of tension and mystery into the plot, without giving away the twist that'll happen in the final act.

Storytelling & Commission: Premise

This is the premise of my story for the "Storytelling & Commission" Project;
"One man's burning passion for his job is seen as insanity by few, and overlooked by many."
I am going to have the man be the "Hired Assassin" in my story, and the "few" be the wax characters. The man's job is to melt down the old wax figures when new ones need to be made, hence why to the waxwork figures, he's a "Hired Assassin".
I am thinking that I will stylise the short similar to the "Meet the Pyro" Animated Short from Valve, but instead of seeing things as overly cutesy and sweet, the man sees everything as the normal world, and the figures see the complete opposite.

This is a bit more over-the-top than how I would create my sequence, but I feel it is the best representative of it.

Camera Coverage

This is a video I edited together using playblasts from the "Camera Coverage" Maya tutorial

Adobe Premiere Test from Joe Warrilow on Vimeo.

Storytelling & Commission: Adobe Story Transcript

For this lesson we were tasked with creating a transcript of a 30-60 clip from a Film or TV Show. I chose to transcribe a segment from Episode 1 of Cowboy Bebop.

Cowboy Bebop Transcription by Joe Warrilow on Scribd

Storytelling & Commission: Soundscape Images (+First Draft of Soundscape #1)

These are the 3 images I was presented with on Tuesday. At the bottom of the post I have also included a "first draft" of my soundscape for the first image.

The original sounds were me clinking the badges on my lanyard, rubbing a canvas bag, scrunching some plastic packaging and cracking my knuckles. After adding different reverbs, pitch shifts, chorus effects, delays and volume variations, this was my result.

Image 1 Version 1 from Joe Warrilow on Vimeo.

Fictional Creature Roar

Fictional Creature Roar from Joe Warrilow on Vimeo.
This is a roar I created of a fictional creature in Adobe Audition. The creature I imagine would have this type of roar would be a bear with scales instead of fur.

Storytelling & Commission: My 3 Story Words

The 3 words/phrases I picked out of the Blue Box were:
Character: Hired Assassin Place: Waxworks Prop: Box of Matches
Aside from the obvious of the Assassin using the matches to melt the Waxwork's figures, there are already a couple of ideas I am toying with on how to incorporate the different objects into the scene, and what kind of demeanour and personality the "Assassin" would have. Looking forward to creating the animatics and pre-viz!

Maya 101: Pre Viz - Roll Shot

These are a series of Playblasts I created in Maya in the "Roll Shot" scene. The first has no roll, the second rolls 180 degrees, the third rolls 360 degrees, and the fourth rolls 540 degrees.
Staircase Roll No Roll from Joe Warrilow on Vimeo.

Staircase Roll 180 from Joe Warrilow on Vimeo.

Staircase Roll 360 from Joe Warrilow on Vimeo.

Staircase Roll 540 from Joe Warrilow on Vimeo.

Maya 101: Pre Viz - Camera Rigs

Camera Rig Test 1 from Joe Warrilow on Vimeo.

Camera Rig Test 2 from Joe Warrilow on Vimeo.
These are some tests I did using the same Camera Rig. The first is a combination of Pan, Roll and Pitch changes, and the second one just being a pan.

Black Narcissus: A Review

Black Narcissus (Powell, Pressburger, 1947) is a film about a group of Nuns that travels off to a secluded area in the Himalayas to spread the word of their covenant to the locals. However, whilst they are there, some of the Nun's more animalistic and sexual desires come to light, as they learn to adapt to their vibrant yet lonely surroundings.
Something that Black Narcissus does well is provide a sense of scale and loneliness within the film. This is done very cleverly through the use of Matte Paintings on glass panels, which were positioned in front of the camera. Probably the best example of this is when one of the Nuns has to ring the bell outside the Convent. It appears to be on a very precarious and sheer cliffside, however, the drop in reality is only a few feet. Here is an example of how this was achieved using the Matte Painting technique:

"The mattes were by legendary British painter Walter Percy Day, another regular collaborator of Powell and Pressburger. Their wor…

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover: A Review

In this review, I shall be looking at "The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover" (Greenaway, 1989). This film is a strange and surreal drama, focusing on the restaurant "Le Hollandais", a very high-class restaurant owned by the very low-class Albert Spica (Michael Gambon). On one particular visit to the restaurant, his wife, Georgina (Helen Mirren), starts having an affair with one of the regular patrons, Michael (Alan Howard), a man the complete opposite of her husband. This affair continues within the restaurant, in the toilets and kitchen, and out of the restaurant, at Michael's bookstore. Real feelings between the two of them begin to develop, putting both their lives at risk.

"Color has been used by Greenaway [...] to also neutralize environments to create focus for the characters and also add a surreal quality to the scene" -asmarchitecture, 2010
The cinematography of this film is created and presented masterfully. In every shot there is alw…