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From Script to Screen: Reflective Statement

As soon as I was given my three words at the beginning of this project, "Matchbox", "Hired Assassin", and "Waxworks", I had a firm idea in my mind of what I wanted my story to be. I'd say that I enjoyed all the parts of this project equally but, well, then I'd be lying. The coming up with the story, the details and re-writes and re-workings of the plot, was definitely the part I found most interesting and enjoyable. Not to say I didn't enjoy the other parts at all, like creating concept art for the characters and environments, or trying to pre-vis a certain aspect of the film, I did, just not as much as being able to sit down and write.
If I had to go back and change anything I did during this project? Probably designing characters and sets whilst writing the story, as opposed to doing things one step at a time. This would have helped with speeding up the progress of the project, and would have meant that I could have got into modelling sets …

The Matchbox Man: Crit Presentation

The Matchbox Man: Animatic

The Matchbox Man: Animatic from Joe Warrilow on Vimeo. There is unfortunately no sound with my animatic, and there are some timings I would change when taking this into the pre-vis stage., but overall I am happy with the result.

@Phil: Updated Celebrity Concept Art

Some updated "Celebrity" designs, based them off of actual  celebrities and not ones of my own creation.

Maya 101: Chain

Maya: Chain from Joe Warrilow on Vimeo. A short animation of a Chain I created in Maya. Each link uses the same keyframes as the Pendulum, but offset by 2 frames per link.

Maya 101: Pendulum

Maya: Pendulum from Joe Warrilow on Vimeo. A short Pendulum animation I created in Maya.

Maya 101: Bouncing Ball

Maya 101: Blend Shape Aliens with Inbetweens - Movement

@Phil: Updated Character Concepts

I am unsure as to whether to make the character in the light blue top the "Younger Man" Character in my Script, or to make him one of the Celebrities. If I were to make him one of the celebrities, I could work around this by just having the "Younger Man" character  stay in shadow the entire time, so that he appears and leaves in the same shot, kept in darkness from the light coming into the room from the hallway.
I have created a quick re-do of the storyboard panel I am on about to illustrate my idea:

C.G. Artist's Toolkit: Lip Syncing & Dope Sheets

Here is a Lip-Sync animation I created, using a combination of Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

Lip Syncing Test from Joe Warrilow on Vimeo.
Here is the Dope Sheet for this animation. The areas that have black lines through indicate a resting face as opposed to a sound:

Storytelling & Commission: OGR #2

Here is my second O.G.R. The concept art is yet to be complete for the Melting Pot, Workbench, Matches and the actual Room/Hallway, those will be released in a later post.

Storytelling & Commission: O.G.R #2 by Joe Warrilow on Scribd

Storytelling & Commission: Hallway & Room Influence Map


Maya 101: Deformers - Blend Shapes with Inbetweens

A short playblast showing the Blend Shape Deformers I created in class today