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Film Review: Reasons why "Kill Bill Vol. 1" is Postmodern

Released in 2003, Kill Bill: Volume 1 written and directed by Quentin Tarentino is a martial arts film starring Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu and David Carradine, to name just a few cast members. Tarentino’s vision and direction of this film makes Kill Bill: Volume 1 an excellent example of postmodern film work. The way in which he structures the film creates a sense of uncertainty and discontinuity, the way in which time passes. The film is not shown in chronological order, distorting the passage of time which can be related to the concept of postmodernism in the sense that in a postmodern society the boundaries between time and space are blurred and distorted, and goes against all expectations of the viewers. Despite this choice of structuring the film, it does not impede the viewer’s comprehension and understanding of the events in the film, it adds to the atmosphere and suspense of the film, keeping the viewers anticipating what will happen next and where the storyline will take them.


Film Review: Reasons why "Scream" is Postmodern

Scream, directed by Wes Craven, was released in 1996. It focusses on Sidney Prescott, a student at high school in a fictional town in California called Woodsboro. A killer, known as Ghost Face, targets Sidney inflicting gruesome deaths on those around him as the film unfolds.
Characters in the film make reference to real life people, which creates a direct link between the audience and the characters, creating more of an atmosphere of them being in a real and normal environment. The creation of a normal environment that is close to what an audience can associate with is a classic element of a horror film which will then seek to violate that sense of comfort and normality.
The characters also analyse the motivation of other fictional horror characters such as Norman Bates and Hannibal Lecter during the course of the film. This had not been done previously in films of this type.

The film Mocks the stereotypical horror slasher movie such as Friday the 13th where characters within the fi…

Collaboration Project: Reflective Statement

I won't be the first to admit (and won't be the last) that the Collaboration project did not go as smoothly as originally hoped.

I was placed in a group with Anabel Saise and Jack Rushton. I had not worked with either of these before, and was looking forward to seeing how our project would turn out. I feel that whilst I was able to cope with the workload at the beginning of the project, and was clicking well with my team at various points throughout, due to various creative differences and other circumstances, the project started to fall apart quite a bit towards the end.

We had to change our ideas midway through, as they were a bit too complex for the timeframe we had, plus we couldn't really envisage how they would turn out - after some guidance from Alan, and from Jack helping us to keep pointed in the right direction, we were able to settle on the 3 skit ideas we actually liked.

After creating the base environment and the run cycle, I created our Crit presentation. Aga…

Collaboration Project: The Crit Presentation

Collaboration Crit by Joe Warrilow on Scribd The Crit Presentation document I created for the group.

Collaboration Project: Contributions

Collaboration Project: Base Environment

This is the base environment I created, based off of an updated Top-Down orthograph Anabel created.

This is the Orthograph Anabel created.

Collaboration Project: Jog Cycle

Moom Jog Cycle from Joe Warrilow on Vimeo. The Jog Cycle I created for the project.

Collaboration Project: Transport Performance Animatic

Transport Performance Animatic from Joe Warrilow on Vimeo. This is the final video animatic I performed in.

Collaboration Project: Twins Performance Animatic

Twins Performance Animatic from Joe Warrilow on Vimeo.
This is one of the Animatics I performed in. I also had some directorial input.

Collaboration Project: Shoelaces Performance Animatic

Shoelaces Performance Animatic from Joe Warrilow on Vimeo. This is the Performance Animatic that I directed/edited.

Collaboration Project: The Script

The Script I produced for the Collaboration Project

Collaboration Project: Ideas Generation

The Original ideas document that I created for our skit.

MY2: Body Posing


MY2: body posing reference images


Adobe Animate: Bouncing Ball

Animated bouncing ball

Maya 101: Leg Piston Part 2 (Complete)

Maya 101: Leg Piston Part 1


Adobe Animate: 4 Legged Walk Cycle


Maya 101: Final Submission

Maya 101: Close Up, Mid Shot, Long Shot

Maya 101: Bouncing Balls


Life Drawing: Final Submission

21.09.16 29.09.16 05.10.16 12.10.16 19.10.16